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Eating almonds before bed

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Almonds for better sleep

Waking up tired and having interrupted sleep? Thinking about getting sleeping pills? Well, don’t! You don’t need to look for unhealthy sleeping pills, as long as you can have natural foods and snacks to help you rest better and more! Almonds are one of nature’s prescriptions for longer and high-quality sleep. In this post, you can first read about the different nutrients that are needed for better sleep and then read about how almonds provide the same nutrients for you by just eating a handful or two of them. 

Nutrients need for a better sleep

A good sleep, like anything else in the body, needs certain conditions. One of the factors that are effective on the quality of your sleep is the food you eat. Food with high nutritional value help your body to remain in an optimal and healthy state, consequently, resulting in better rest and sleep quality. 

Among the nutrients need for a night of sound sleep, one can first mention Melatonin. This sleep hormone is found in foods and is also produced naturally by the brain. This hormone regulates the body’s internal biological clock. Melatonin levels usually rise in the night and drop in the morning. Taking supplementary amounts of melatonin helps in falling asleep faster, and reaching more efficient sleep. 

Omega-3 fatty acids are responsible for better sleep quality and sleep duration. Omega-3 is not produced in the body, and the body is dependent on external sources for it. Omega-3s reduce inflammation in the body and are helpful to the circadian rhythm of the body.

Next, we have vitamin D, another factor in the biological clock of our bodies. You can provide the needed vitamin D for your body by eating proper foods or getting enough sunlight. It is suggested by medical professionals that vitamin D plays an important role in preventing the risk of sleep apnea. Also, people with less vitamin D tend to have poorer sleep quality and quantity. 

Magnesium! An important mineral that deserves much more attention. Magnesium helps you be calm. Having magnesium in your diet results in preventing and treating anxiety. In addition, your natural sleep process can take over easier when you are relaxed. Magnesium should be consumed from external sources.

Last but not least, you have to include Iron in your sleep wagon, too. Many women are low in iron, and lack of this micronutrient results in feeling tired all the time, because your body doesn’t have enough iron for the production of needed hemoglobin (the oxygen carrier in your blood). Iron deficiency can lead to more night-waking, in addition to, a shorter duration of sleep. 

There are lots of other nutrients and factors that can result in the quality of your sleep. These were just a few of the most important nutrients your body needs to have a better and longer sleep. In the following, we’ll have a look at the nutrients that are present in almonds. 

Nutrients in almonds 

Almonds are super healthy snacks! Although every hundred grams of raw almonds gives you about 570 calories, they are free of cholesterol, and on the other hand, have about 11 grams of dietary fiber, 22 grams of protein, 50 grams of good fats. 

Almonds have vitamins B1, B3, B3, B5, B6, and B9. Also, almonds contain vitamin E. Almonds are bursting with healthy minerals like calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, sodium, and zinc. All these nutrients can and have made almonds an important part of lots of people. 

Benefits of almonds for sleep

As you can see, almonds contain two of the important nutrients that are needed to have a good sleep. The magnesium and iron in almonds can solve almost half of your sleep problems, in addition to all the other effects you’ll see from eating almonds.  

Specifically, the magnesium in almonds helps your body to switch to the “rest and digest” cycle, from its adrenaline cycle. In this state, you are calmer and your body’s muscles relax.

In an Almond shell

In this post, we talked about how you can have better sleep by including certain nutrients, that are mentioned above. Almonds have lots of nutrients, which also include the ones mentioned for having high-quality sleep. You should try eating almonds a few hours before bed to prepare yourself for a good night’s sleep!

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