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When do pistachios go bad?

Pistachio nuts

It is hard to see something you like god bad before reaching its full potential, which is our mouths! If you are looking for a short answer, you should know that pistachios can go bad soon, so either freeze or refrigerate them, or eat them! But, for more information, you can read our answer to whether pistachios can go bad or not?

What causes pistachios to go bad?

Pistachios are among the fatty nuts, which contain unsaturated fats. These fats can become oxidized or rancid if they are exposed to heat and light. This then leads to a change in texture, taste, and smell. Though sometimes, it may be mold that is ruining your delicious and nutritious snacks. 

How long does it take for pistachios to go bad?

It depends on the way you are storing pistachios. If you are using airtight sealed containers, it will take about 3 months in the pantry for roasted and salted pistachios to go bad. If the pistachios are unshelled or shelled, they will probably last a couple more months. 

However, if you refrigerate the pistachios or freeze them in proper containers, not only they will last longer, they can remain fresh and still be hydrated and tasty. 

In conclusion, it is necessary for modern age individuals to take advantage of nuts in their diets, as they have lots of nutrition and benefits for our health. You can store pistachios in the freezer for a long time, but for the short term, it is best to eat them ASAP.

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