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Do peanuts grow underground?

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Do you know how do peanuts grow? They have one of the most extraordinary mechanisms in the whole world of nuts. Although, in the following, you can find out why peanuts are not even technically nuts. This article also presents how healthy peanuts are and how you can use them in your diet!

What is a peanut?

This delicious nut has many names, such as goober, pindar, groundnut, or monkey nut. Peanut is technically categorized as a legume. However, due to its good taste and nutritional value, people are happy to include them in the nuts category!

The hard shell of peanuts has ellipsoid shapes, and after breaking into it, you can see the oval shape of one or two kernels with reddish-brown coatings. Beneath the coating, you can see the light milky color of the peanut kernel itself.

If you eat raw peanuts, you may experience a pea-like taste, but when roasted, they usually become crunchier, and greasier. You can also find peanuts salted or sweetened. 

Nutritional value of peanuts

Peanuts have a high nutritional value. One cup of peanuts can provide about 800 calories, 38g of protein, 1000mg potassium, and many more. Peanuts are beneficial in many aspects and they can help you become much healthier! You can find out about all the benefits of peanuts here!

Tasty foods with peanuts

Peanuts have great taste, and they are also nutritious and help you to be much healthier, so it is not surprising if you find them in many foods and recipes!

You can make a paste of the dry roasted peanuts, which is actually the peanut butter. Peanut butter, being famous for its delicious taste, is rich in nutrients. You can also crush the roasted and defatted peanuts to make peanut flour. In addition, peanuts’ oil can be used for frying, sautéing, and additional flavor.

Peanuts grow underground

Now that you are familiar with the amazing benefits of peanuts, and how you can take advantage of them in your dietary plan, let’s answer the very interesting question of “do peanuts grow underground?”

The process of growing peanuts

Peanuts, technically called Arachis hypogaea, grow better in warm seasons, and farmers tend to plant peanuts at the end of spring until mid-summer. Peanuts need a sunny location, where they can benefit from at least moderate sunlight.

They need consistent watering during the kernel development, which happens inside a shell under the ground. These shells are formed after the stage in which the plant flowers. The peanut flowers turn later into pegs or ovaries. This unique mechanism is called “Pegging”. This is when the flowers of the plant blossom on the ground, but the plant bears fruit below the ground.

When the flowers emerge, they appear in yellow color, and they grow out in the lower part of the peanut plant. The petals of this flower then fall, after which the flower turns into an ovary and extends down. It then forms a stem reaching into the ground. The soil is penetrated by the peg which holds the embryo at its tip. The same embryo then lays horizontally in the ground, eventually letting the actual fruit of the peanut mature inside it.

This was the actual guide on “how to grow peanuts?”, and we hope you are satisfied with the answer. So, do peanuts grow underground? Yes, they grow in their embryos.


In a nutshell

Peanuts are actually considered to be legumes, and they grow under the ground. They are rich in nutrients and they can be very healthy if you include them in your diet! The pegging mechanism of peanuts is unique and their growth process is very interesting! If you found this article useful, please leave a like and comment. Also, share this article for your friends to tell them about the awesome characteristics of peanuts, and how they grow!

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