A frozen pistachio on an icy surface surrounded by ice cubes.

How long are frozen pistachios good for? 

Pistachio nuts

Pistachios are so tasty and delicious that I don’t believe there would be anything left after buying to be stored. Yet, there are some people that can control themselves and not finish their pistachios up in the first few days after buying.

Joking aside, if you are planning to store pistachios or you’re unsure of eating the pistachios that have been sitting on the shelf for a few months, this is the post for you my friend. Keep up!

How to store pistachios? 

If you want to make sure that your pistachios remain healthy for a long time, find a container that can be tightly sealed or a heavy-duty plastic bag.

 Now, if you leave them at room temperature, they will last about two weeks. However, if you want to extend their shelf-life, try to refrigerate them. This will lead to adding a couple more months to their life. 

In order to store pistachios in their best shape and quality, it is best to freeze them, which can increase their shelf-life up to a year. Make sure the container is suitable for being put in the freezer. 

How to know if pistachios are spoiled? 

Pistachios are usually okay after a year or two of being frozen. But overall, if the pistachios have a bad smell, or the container contains bugs, throw them out. 

In conclusion, you should know that freezing is the best way to store pistachios, especially if you store them with the shells because they will remain in their best quality longer in this way. 

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