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Where did hazelnuts originate?

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Hazelnuts are tasty and also very nutritious, therefore they are very popular around the world. Nowadays, you can find hazelnuts in a diverse range of food products, including chocolates, cakes, and even drinks.

Where did hazelnuts come from?

Hazelnuts are originally from eastern and southern Europe. They were among the trees that helped humankind survive the era after the ice age. Later on, hazelnuts were mentioned in many cases by the Greeks and the Romans. 

There are studies that have found the first hazelnuts have been domesticated independently in three different areas, which are the Mediterranean, Turkey, and Iran.  One of the most popular species of hazelnuts is the European hazel or Corylus avellana. This species is native to Europe and western Asia. 

It is said that an English sailor first planted one of these European hazelnuts in the Pacific Northwest. A hundred and sixty years later, Oregon became of the most famous parts of the world for the production of hazelnuts. 

If you want to find more formation about the origin of hazelnuts, we recommend you read this study done by Boccacci and Botta. 

In conclusion, you should know that hazelnuts have been around for a long time, and they are believed to be originated from eastern Europe and western Asia. Regardless, you should always try to include hazelnuts in your diet and benefit from their high nutrition value.

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