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Are hazelnuts poisonous to dogs?

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You love your dog and, you also love hazelnuts. This is a tough mix! Dog are better off not eating hazelnuts. There are multiple reasons for this decision, but in general, it is safer that you refrain from giving hazelnuts as treats to your dog. We have a detailed post about hazelnuts for dogs, but in the following we’ll just discuss a few important points you need to know.

Are hazelnuts bad for dogs?

The first thing you should pay attention to is that dogs don’t chew like us humans do, which makes it harder for them to actually get the taste. Secondly, there is lots of differences in our digestive systems, meaning that dogs will not benefit from the nutrients in hazelnuts like us.

  • Dogs may choke due to small pieces of hazelnuts that haven’t been chewed properly.
  • Poorly chewed hazelnuts can lead to blockage in the digestive tracts.
  • Hazelnuts have lots of calories and fat, which can result in obesity in dogs.
  • The excess fat in hazelnuts, and nuts in general, can cause pancreatic issues for dogs.
  • ·Intestinal obstruction is among other problems that eating hazelnuts can bring for your dog.

What is the treatment for dogs that eat hazelnuts?

You should first closely look out for the signs and symptoms of the mentioned problems. You can find more about the symptoms in our post titled “Can My Dog Have Hazelnuts?”. If you observed any of the related symptoms, rush your dog to the vet.

In conclusion, it is best that you replace hazelnuts with other treats for your do, because they can have many health hazards. In fact, it is much better to eat them yourself and then go jog the calories off with your dog!

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