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Are pistachios keto-friendly?

Pistachio nuts

Fortunately, unlike people with tree nut allergies, keto-dieters won’t have a problem eating pistachios, unless they eat too much. As you will read in this article, pistachios are super healthy and a very good friend for people with ketogenic diets. Yet, there are some things you should pay attention to that are discussed below in detail. 

What is Keto approved?

The ketogenic diet requires the individual to eat very low-carb, high-fat foods. People with a keto diet drastically reduce their carbohydrate intake and eat food with high fat as replacements. The ketogenic diet aims for putting the body in a metabolic state called ketosis, which forces the body to burn fat to gain energy. Consequently, if your body contains more carbs than the daily intake limit, the carbs will interrupt the ketosis metabolic state. 

What are pistachios?

Pistacia vera is a species among the Pistacia family. Pistachios are in fact drupe seeds but are categorized as culinary nuts. Pistachio seeds are green inside and have a red and white coating. Pistachios taste buttery sweet and have a relatively pleasant smell. You can find pistachios shelled and unshelled. One of the most common ways to serve pistachios is to salt and roast them. 

Close-up of a wooden bowl of pistachios on a table. nutritional value - pistachios

Nutritional value of pistachios

Pistachios are wonderful for the body. They contain amazingly high nutritional value. In the following table, you can see nutrition facts for every 100 grams of pistachios.

Protein20.61 g
Carbohydrates27.97 g
Total fat44.44 g
Calcium107 mg
Potassium1025 mg
Iron4.15 mg
Vitamin A28 mcg
Vitamin C5 mg

What you should be paying attention to is that eating salted pistachios will have more Sodium. 

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Are pistachios good for you on keto diet?

Based on the daily carbohydrate intake limit in keto diets which is usually 50 grams a day, eating 100 grams of pistachios will provide for almost half of the allowed carb amount. It is worth mentioning that About 10.3 grams of the mentioned carbohydrates in the above table are dietary fibers. This means that they are not consumed by the body and only help in regulating your bowel movement. 

Pistachios can be good for keto-dieters, only if they don’t overindulge. Having proper amounts of pistachios will let you take advantage of all the nutrients these powerhouses have, and also still remain within the ketogenic diet boundaries. 


In a nutshell

As a keto dieter, you should be very mindful of what you eat in order to stay healthy, fit, and good-looking. The most important thing to avoid in your diet is carbs, and pistachios are NOT low on carbs. Yet, Pistachios are NOT high on carbs, either. Pistachios are keto-friendly and one of the best snacks available for people with a keto diet, only if eaten in proper amounts. 

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