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Do peanuts upset your stomach?

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While eating peanuts is a normal thing to do, some may have an opposite opinion due to the stomach ache they have experienced after eating peanuts. Peanuts are great snacks for almost any age and are popular on many occasions. By reading this post you find out why peanuts upset your stomach and how to treat stomach aches after eating peanuts.

Why should you eat peanuts? 

First of all, peanuts are delicious! Secondly, peanuts are healthy and nutritious. And lastly, they are easy to find. Although, it is worth mentioning that we are talking about the peanut itself, and not peanut butter. 

Peanuts taste great and you can eat them raw or roasted and salted. There are lots of ways to savor the peanuts and add different tastes to them. Except for salted peanuts, roasted peanuts taste great with vinegar, pepper, cheese, masala, ketchup, barbecue sauce, and honey. Don’t forget all the delicious foods you can find with chopped peanuts in them. 

Peanuts are healthy and have high nutritional value. The benefits of peanuts are many.  Peanuts are beneficial for the health of your skin and hair. Peanuts can also support the well-being of your heart and brain. Bodybuilders can greatly benefit from peanuts, too!

Peanuts are also easy snacks. You can carry a bag of peanuts with you everywhere you go. You can find flavored peanuts in different packages in most stores. Peanuts are relatively cheap and they can help you feel full fast. 

In the following, you can read more about how many of these healthy, tasty, and easy snacks you can eat to avoid a peanut stomach ache.  

How many peanuts should you eat? 

Sometimes, like when watching a movie or being on a road trip, you may want to indulge a little in eating peanuts. But how do you cope with the probable stomach ache afterward? Do you even know why do we sometimes have upset stomachs after eating peanuts? Well, if you are a fan of peanuts and want to know all these, in addition to ways for treating the stomach ache caused by peanuts, then keep reading this post for more information!

The first question you have to pay attention to is how much peanuts are enough for each person? The answer is almost similar for everyone, except for those who are allergic to peanuts, which in that case the number is zero! However, if you are not allergic to peanuts and like eating peanuts as snacks, the recommended amount of peanuts you can eat in each serving is about one handful or 25-30 peanuts. 

The first reason that you should limit your peanut consumption is that they are high in calories. A handful of peanuts contains about 180 calories, which is almost equal to 1/10 of your body’s requirement. It is worth mentioning that the amount of nutrients you get by eating peanuts is a lot and it is not to say that eating peanuts is a bad thing! Conversely, peanuts are packed with good fats, magnesium, and protein. 

In addition to the high-calorie count of peanuts, eating too many peanuts can also cause inhibition in mineral absorption, high blood pressure, and an increase in inflammation. 

Why do peanuts cause stomach ache?

Yet, there is one more thing that people face after eating peanuts, which is a pain in the stomach. There are two reasons for explaining the pain you experience after eating peanuts. The first one is that you may be allergic to peanuts. The second one is that you didn’t chew them properly and that became the issue!

You may be allergic to peanuts. Although it is not as severe as those who go through anaphylaxis shock, you may be showing a minor reaction to peanuts. If you want to test this theory, you can try eating peanut butter and see if you feel the same. 

However, if you are not allergic and don’t experience the other symptoms of peanut allergy, then it is possible that you hurried the process of chewing when eating peanuts. Chewing fast and swallowing whole parts of peanuts when eating them causes your stomach to feel blocked. As peanuts have a crunchy yet hard fabric, the stomach has to work for digesting them properly, and if you don’t chew peanuts enough, then your stomach will have a hard time doing so. 

How to treat peanut stomach aches?

Before treating the stomach ache you feel because of peanuts, you should pay attention to the time you eat them. It is better to eat peanuts either early in the morning or late afternoon. Avoid eating peanuts at dinner or before going to bed. 

Now that you know when to eat peanuts, you should also know how to treat your stomach ache, if it happens, after eating peanuts. You can soothe your stomach ache by drinking more water, or applying a heating pad to your tummy. Drinking other herbal teas and remedies can also be useful. Chamomile tea, ginger root, and mint drinks are helpful. 

In a nutshell

Peanuts can be your go-to snack for some occasions when easy snacks are required. However, stomach aches after eating peanuts can happen for multiple reasons. As you read above, each of these reasons can be avoided and also treated after. Please share your comments about what you think the reasons for an upset stomach after eating peanuts are. Also, don’t forget to like the post and share it with your friends!

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