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Benefits of pili nut oil for the skin

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Pili nuts are exotic foods that have grown to be popular around the world for their miraculous effects in helping the skin and healing scar tissues. Pili nut oil has many benefits for the skin, some of which are unbelievably underrated in today’s world. In this post, you can get to know pili nuts and then find ways in which you can include them in your skincare routine.

What is a Pili nut?

Pili is a fruit of the tropical Canarium family and is widely used by many countries around the world due to its high nutritional value. This fruit is resistant to different climatic conditions, which has made it less likely to go bad soon. The fruit itself is edible and when they are ripe, they usually are brown and black. The kernel inside the fruit or we call pili nut is brown and full of nutrients. The size of these teardrop-shaped pili nuts varies between 1 to 3 inches. 

Eating pili nuts

Pili nuts can be served raw and roasted. You can also eat sprouted pili nuts. You can simply have pili nuts as your bite-sized snack. If you cook yourself, you can find many recipes that include pili nuts in the ingredients. Also, you may want to add pili nuts to baked goods, or blend them and make a pili nut butter. Pay attention that pili nuts can be salted or flavored, therefore consider how you want them before buying. For more information, see our extensive article about the benefits of pili nuts!

What is pili nut oil like?

Pili kernel oil contains about 70% oil and it looks a lot like olive oil. Pili nut oil tastes sweet and is suitable for cooking. Its similarity with olive oil has made pili nut oil a good replacement to be used in sardine manufacture, salad dressing, and other food preparations. The processed pili nut oil results in pili butter. Pili nut oil is considered to be aflatoxin free.

Benefits of pili nut oil

Pili nut oil can be consumed both as edible oil and also as a topical oil. The benefits of pili nut oil can be felt for both methods. The main benefits of pili nut oil come from the high level of vitamin A and E contents. Read the following for a more detailed account of the benefits of pili nut oil. 

Skin hydration with pili nut oil

Pili nut oil is a rich source of fatty acids that aid the repair of skin and balance the pH levels. Compounds such as oleic acid, or linoleic acid strengthen the skin and help in keeping the skin moisturized. These acids prevent acne and breakouts.

Pili nut oil induces collagens

There are compounds like retinoid, carotenoid, and most importantly, vitamin A in pili nut oil which all help to stimulate the production of collagen. Cell damage and premature skin aging are among the effects that can be prevented as a result of using pili nut oil. 

Pili nut oil as a skin moisturizer

If you see dry and patchy areas on your skin that need moisturizing, using pili nut oil can be helpful, as it has high levels of vitamin E. Vitamin E acts as a fat-soluble nutrient that can have anti-inflammatory effects. The antioxidant nature of vitamin E also helps your skin fight off the effects of free radicals caused by environmental aggressors. 

A young skin with pili nut oil

Applying pili nut oil on the skin, especially wounds, helps in the rejuvenation of the skin. Pili nut oil has healing properties for the skin and lowers the risk of forming scar tissue. Also, you can use pili nut oil for easing skin ulcers, shingles, eczema, and cold sores. 

How to use pili nut for the skin?

If you are interested to include pili nut oil in your skincare ritual, you should first pour a drop or two of the pili nut oil into your palms, and then gently rub the necessary area. In order to achieve the best results, it is recommended to first wash off the skin area you want to apply the oil to, and then, after massaging the area, leave it overnight for better absorption. 

In a nutshell

The health of your skin can greatly affect the quality of your life. For healthier skin, try to use pili nut oil, and take advantage of all the amazing benefits it has for the body and skin. Topical use of pili nut oil supports the rejuvenation process of the skin and heals scar tissues, leading you to have younger skin.

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