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When are pistachios harvested?

Pistachio nuts

When are pistachios harvested? 

Pistachios are super healthy and nutritious snacks and are very popular for their buttery and sweet taste. The amazing health benefits of pistachios, mixed with their great taste and various uses in cooking led many countries toward growing them. In this post, you will find out about the major producers of pistachio. Then, you can read the answer to “when are pistachios harvested?” In the end, you can also learn different ways of using fresh pistachios. 

Where are pistachios grown?

Before talking about the harvest time of pistachios, we are going to take a look at where pistachios are grown and the required conditions for the growth of pistachios. The location in which pistachios, or any other plant, grows has a direct effect on its growth process. 

Although Iran is well-known for being the country with the most production of pistachio, and also the origin of pistachio, the United States takes the first place in terms of production share worldwide in 2020/2021. Turkey and Iran, respectively, are the other major producers of pistachio worldwide. 

The thing that all these countries have in common is their hot and dry climate, in which pistachios can grow and thrive. Pistachios grow ideally at a temperature of 100 degrees F. (38 C.) during the daytime. It is crucial for pistachios to also have cold winters in order to be able to complete their dormant period. 

Are pistachios seasonal?

Pistachios are considered to be drupes and not nuts. They are fleshy fruits with seeds covered with shells. These tasty so-called nuts usually develop and bear fruit through the summer and are harvested in late August or early October. 

What do ripe pistachios look like?

You’ll know that pistachios are ripe when their hull or husk (the outer fleshy part) get looser and turn from green into a yellow and red color. Pistachios are fully ripe and ready to be eaten when their external fleshy epicarp is red and rosy. That is when they begin to let loose of the inner shell. This is because the seed is now grown and usually cracks open the shell. 

Can you eat pistachios off the tree?

Yes, you can eat pistachios off the trees, provided that you are sure they are clean and not sprayed with bug deterrents or any other agricultural toxic material. Try to at least rinse them once before opening up the shell and munching on these delicious and healthy “nuts”. 

But, if you don’t have access to pistachio trees or prefer pistachios peeled and packed, then you should know that harvesting pistachio is not a complicated task. You’ll just need to spread open a tarp, large enough to cover the ground underneath the pistachio tree. Then, you’d only have to shake the pistachio tree hard enough to cause the ripe nuts to fall on the tarp. 

What to do with fresh pistachios?

The freshly harvested pistachios can then be cracked open or stay in shells. You can roast them, salt them, or even use them as ingredients (for example, have a look at our Pistachio or Watergate Salad Recipe). Ground pistachios can be used in pastries, baked goods, desserts, ice creams, and confections.

In a Pistachio shell

The hot and dry climate needed to grow pistachios is only found in a few countries, and that’s where you can see the harvest of pistachios late in the summer. After harvest, you can serve them salted and roasted. Overall, don’t forget to include pistachios in your diet!

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