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Pistachio nutrition facts 100g

Pistachio nuts

Nutrition facts of pistachios

One of the most amazing natural and healthy snacks you can find is Pistachio or Pista. Pistachios are generously healthy and beneficial for your body and mind. These seeds (yup, pistachios are drupe seeds!) in fact grow inside a fruit that covers a shell.

 Whether you are following a Mediterranean diet or you are just snacking during a game or movie, pistachios can get you addicted. They are very delicious and taste earthy and buttery with a sweet finish! This taste will make you grab a handful of these so-called nuts and finish them up in a few minutes, especially if they are salted. Roasted and salted pistachios are super-tasty pocket-sized snacks suitable for children and adults.

This article is dedicated to the nutrition facts of pistachios. We will tell you about the different ways in which you can take advantage of all the health benefits of pistachios. You can also find the answers to the frequently asked questions about pistachios. 

Is pistachio healthy?

Pistachios are healthy! They are extremely beneficial for the body, and everyone can benefit from them, except for those who have any kind of tree nut allergy, to whom we recommend consulting medical professionals before eating pistachios or even getting near them. 

However, if you are not allergic and you want to make sure that what you’re eating doesn’t hurt you in any way, then we have to say that pistachios are one of the safest and healthiest seeds there are. These green seeds were eaten by people for more than a thousand years.

Pistachios are healthy for your weight and waistline and help you feel full for longer periods of time. Pistachios can help your body in controlling your cholesterol levels. Pistachios manage to lower your blood pressure and blood sugar. They can help you avoid cardiovascular diseases. Pistachios also obtain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects. 


Pistachios are effective in reducing the compounds that harm cells of all kinds, which are called free radicals. Free radicals may cause premature aging and illnesses like cancer and heart diseases. Consequently, when you eat pistachios, you are actually helping yourself to live longer and healthier. 

Smiling nuts for a smiling heart

One of the other health benefits pistachios have is that it can be helpful to improving the health of your blood vessels. The dilation of blood vessels helps the flow of blood. This can be the result of the amino acid L-arginine, that is present in pistachios. 

The monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats in pistachios aid the body to avoid heart diseases, and healthy cholesterol levels can mean that you will have regulated blood pressure. However, you should also know that pistachios contain good amounts of fiber, which can also help the body achieve this goal. 

Sweet but healthy!

Pistachios regulate your blood sugar levels. They are known to have a low glycemic index. Glycemic levels are in direct connection with the spikes in blood sugar. Therefore, if snacks like pistachios have a low glycemic index, then it means you won’t experience large spikes in your blood sugar. There are carotenoids and phenolic compounds present in pistachios, which are also responsible for the healthy levels of blood sugar.

Pistachio of my eye

Pistachios strengthen your eyes and shield your eyes from blue light damage, and age-related eyesight problems. There are many other small beneficial traits pistachios have. For example, putting on a pistachio hair mask can greatly help the health of your hair. And many more that you can read about in our post about the health benefits of pistachios.

Pistachio nutrition data

In the following, you can read about the micronutrients, minerals, and every little beneficial compound pistachios have that can help your body’s overall well-being. Knowing the different nutrients available in pistachios can lead you towards eating more mindfully and healthily.

The following parts include the questions that are frequently asked about the nutritional value of pistachios. Please note that the following information is presented for knowledge purposes and should not be used for medical purposes! Also, be aware that the given information is true for a serving of 100 grams, which is about 160 shelled pistachios. 

Pistachio calories 100g

Every 100 grams of raw pistachios can produce up to 560 calories. In comparison to a beef and cheddar burger, or a plain bagel with cream cheese or a large Belgian waffle with maple syrup, including 100 grams of pistachios in your daily diet is far healthier!

Do pistachios have fiber?

Every hundred grams of pistachios contain about 10 grams of fiber, which is very healthy for your gastrointestinal system. Fibers in pistachio also help you feel fuller for longer periods of time and avoid overeating. Eating pistachios supports the “good” bacteria in your gut. 

Do pistachios have carbs?

In comparison to other nuts and seeds, pistachios contain the highest amount of carbohydrates. Yet, consuming pistachios won’t harm people with abnormal glucose and insulin metabolism. 

How many carbs are in pistachios with shells? 

100 grams of pistachios contains about 29 grams of carbs. 

Do pistachios have sugar?

If you eat 100 grams of pistachios, you will probably receive about 7 grams of sugar. However, as we mentioned earlier, the pistachios glycemic index is relatively low, and will not spike up your sugar levels.

Facts about pistachios

Here are some amazing facts you should know about pistachios:

-Pistachios contain the same amount of protein as eggs. 

-A study showed that people who ate pistachios out of their shells and left the shells out will eat less because they are reminded by the shells about the amount of food they have eaten. 

-In Asian countries, pistachios are usually known as the nut which always smiles!

-Ripe pistachios open up on their own when it is time. 

-The green color of pistachios is due to the antioxidants they have.

-Pistachios are one of the two nuts that have been mentioned in the Bible. 

In a pistachio shell

This article tried to answer your frequently asked questions about pistachios. Also, we talked about the nutrition facts of pistachios for a 100-gram serving. By now, you should have probably learned that pistachios are healthy and will not make you fat! Try to include the proper amount of pistachios in your diet, as they are sufficiently nutritious. 

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