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Do pistachios make you fat?

Pistachio nuts

Pistachios are amazingly nutritious, yet high in calories. Hence, you should be looking out for how much you eat them. Pistachios can make you fat, as much as any other food can. Pistachios are primarily helpful in staying lean and maintaining a healthy body. In this article you can get to know what pistachios are, and how pistachios help you stay thin and skinny.

Are pistachios good for you?

The short answer is that they are! There are lots of food that you can’t be sure about their nature, what they are made of, and how they can affect our health. But, pistachio isn’t one. This green tasty seed is very popular and is used in many foods, such as ice creams, pastries, confections, sweets, and even in sausages! However, if you are not sure whether pistachios can make you gain more weight or not, you can read this article to get the best answer possible.

In the following, you’ll read about the nature of pistachios, where they come from, and how they can help you be healthier. So, let’s dive in!

Are pistachios tree nuts?

While many people mistakenly categorize pistachios as nuts, they are actually seeds of drupes. Drupes are the kind of fleshy fruits that have a pit in the middle which contains a seed. There are some other dupes that are also commonly known as nuts, such as almonds, pecans, cashews, and walnuts.  

Are pistachios healthy?

You may be surprised, but pistachios are very popular in middle-eastern countries, such as Iran -which is the biggest producer of pistachio in the world- because they are actually known to be very healthy and nutritious.

Pistachios are energy-packed and nutritional. They can provide about 600 calories in just about 3.5 ounces (100 grams). You can benefit from copper, vitamin B6, magnesium, iron, thiamine, potassium, and zinc. There are lots more nutrients in pistachios, but let’s talk more about your question.

 Do pistachios make you gain weight? For a person who is trying to eat healthily, it is very essential to watch what you are eating, in terms of calories, carbs, fiber, and protein. These can greatly affect your overall size.

Do pistachios have fiber?

Why is this important? Because eating more fiber is one of the most effective ways you can lose weight. Fiber can make you feel full sooner, and therefore, remove the temptation to eat more. They can also help prevent diabetes, they are good for your heart and gut.

The amount of fiber in one serving of pistachios (1 cup/ 123g), is equal to 52% of the overall nutritious value of pistachio. In other words, if you eat a few pistachios, you’ll probably take advantage of at least t grams of fiber. Therefore, eating pistachios can help you lose weight and prevent gaining weight.

Do pistachios have protein?

Similar to fiber, protein can also affect your journey towards getting leaner and skinnier. Studies show incorporating a high-protein energy-restriction diet can lead to great weight loss, fat mass loss, muscle preservation.

Pistachios are a great source of protein, containing about 25g of protein in a serving of one cup. This is the second important bird you can hit with the pistachio stone. It is also worth mentioning that the essential amino acids in the pistachios have a higher ratio than any other nut!

Do pistachios have melatonin?

As you may know, your sleeping has a direct connection with the amount of melatonin you have in your body. When your body produces melatonin, it works as a mechanism of informing the body that it is time to sleep. The amount of melatonin in your body, which increases in response to darkness, affects your sleeping pattern. This hormone, which in fact is produced naturally by the body, helps in promoting a healthy sleeping schedule.

Although melatonin does not directly affect weight gain, having a poor sleep schedule can. Professionals have pointed out that lack of enough sleep or having inconsistent sleep patterns can be linked with higher body mass index (BMI).

Pistachios have a good amount of melatonin. Studies have found that pistachios include more melatonin than what is found in most melatonin supplements.

Are pistachios good for diabetics?

For people who are diabetic and need to observe their weight, it is very important to eat foods that don’t add to the natural process of weight gain. Insulin works by utilizing the sugar, protein, and fat in your blood, and allows the body to store nutrients in the cells.

Studies [i]have shown pistachios can help people maintain healthy levels of blood sugar. They can also help women who have gestational diabetes control their blood insulin and sugar levels.

Do pistachios make you gain weight?

If you are among the people who gain weight fast, it is essential for you to watch what you eat. In this case, you should know that eating pistachios will not be harmful to you or your waistline. Pistachios are a great source of nutrients. They are rich in melatonin, protein, fiber, and other high-value nutrients. In fact, pistachios may even be helping you to get skinnier. Have a handful and enjoy munching on these energy-bombs!

In a nutshell

Pistachios are tasty, nutritious, and useful in dealing with many health problems. Make sure you have enough pistachios in your diet to benefit from the high nutritional value of them. Pistachio can help you not to gain weight, and conversely, stay lean and skinnier. Like this post if it helped you, and share it with your friends. Also, don’t forget to comment about your experience in getting skinny with eating pistachios.

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2 thoughts on “Do pistachios make you fat?

  1. Although, I do like pistachio nuts very much, I also discovered that they would make me gain weight. Unfortunately, I have had to eliminate them from my food menu. Maybe after losing my desired weight, I’ll resume eating pistachios in DECREASED moderation 😍

    They are a tasty treat for me and I do miss munching on them as a nutritious snack. But I certainly don’t want to sabotage my weight loss. I don’t have “cheat days” either… at least not at present. Soon as I lose the LAST 15 pounds, I may consider adding a few pistachio nuts to my food menu.

    Thanks for your helpful information because now I understand why I had began to start gaining weight! 😲 Too many pistachio nuts at snack time! And if anyone tells you that you eat only 10… DO NOT BELIEVE THIS! Eating pistachio nuts is addictive… You can hardly stop at just 10 nuts!

    1. Thanks for your comment! Keep up the good work! I’m sure you’re gonna reach your optimal weight soon!

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