There is a cat on the right side of the image. On the left there are three pistachio nuts. (Cats-Pistachios)

Can cats have pistachios?

Pistachio nuts

As natural carnivores, cats rely on a diet that only includes lean meat. Cats are therefore unable to get the nutrition they need out of high-fat food, like seeds and nuts. That is the most important thing that you should know. Giving pistachios to your cat won’t do your cat any good!

If you are still reading, then you should know that pistachios are not toxic to cats. However, they present a set of health hazards for your fluffy friend, that is far more dangerous than what comes after denying your cat from eating something it likes! In the following, you can read all about the different reasons why you should not let your cat have pistachios!

Why are pistachios not ok for cats?

It’s not like you can never try giving pistachios to your cat, or if, by any chance, they took some pistachios, they would die. But, pistachios have the potential to harm your cat and cause many health hazards. The following are some of the reasons you should avoid giving pistachios to your cat:

Sodium in pistachios for cats

You may think that salted pistachios are super-tasty, and it would be awesome to let your cat also go nuts on pistachios. However, not only excess sodium is bad for you as a human, but also it can be fatal to your cat. Small feline’s digestive system is not equipped to fight off the effects of salty treats. Eating too much salt can lead to hypernatremia in cats, which is a condition that includes symptoms like disorientation and confusion, seizure, coma, and polydipsia

Preservatives and flavors in pistachios for cats

In this case, it is more likely that the pistachios you’re eating are seasoned with onions or garlic, which are both unsuitable for cats. Actually, onions and garlic are toxic to felines. You should also consider that the preservatives that are added to the pistachios for extending their shelf-life, can be toxic to your dear cat. One of the common preservatives that are toxic to felines is Sodium Benzoate

Pistachios can cause choking and digestive issues

Have you ever thought about why cats have super-sharp and long teeth? Well, that’s because they are built to rip apart pieces of meat and chew small-sized seeds and nuts. If your car swallows whole pieces of nuts, they may face throat obstruction and choking. Also, your cat may want to eat pistachios with the shells. This can present the danger of lodged pieces of salty shells, with a taste that has made them irresistible for cats. If a piece of pistachios shell is lodged in the digestive tracts of your cat, the only treatment is a surgical procedure. 

Mold in pistachios for cats

Unsanitary provided pistachios are at risk of being contaminated with mold. Mold can cause aflatoxin poisoning, which is something your cat is vulnerable to. It is worth mentioning that aflatoxin poisoning is not very common, but still, you should look out for the health of your feline friend. 

In a nutshell 

Giving pistachios to your cat is not fatal or toxic, yet there are other causes, like the ones mentioned in detail above, that can even result in the death of your cat. Although we love our fluffy sharp-teethed companions, we should not think of cats like humans, and we have to consider everything before treating them with various foods. If you also have a cat, or trying to figure out the best treats for your cat, comment below and tell us what do you use as a replacement for pistachios as a treat for your cat? Don’t forget to share our post with your friends and family. Thanks for reading!

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