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Do pistachios make you sleepy?

Pistachio nuts

Can pistachios help you sleep

A good night’s sleep is a luxury you can’t miss out on. You can try different pills for this matter, but you sure know how destructive they can be. Pistachios, on the other hand, are the natural sleep medicine you’ve been looking for. 

Do pistachios help you sleep?

Pistachios help you with lots of things. Pistachios are tasty, and also nutritious enough to become one of those snacks that you can never live without. Pistachios grow in warmer regions and one of the most famous countries growing pistachios in Iran. However, these little high-value drupes are popular all around the world. Pistachios are used in a variety of foods, and even in medicines. 

Now, the question that got you here is “Do pistachios help me sleep better?”. And the answer is yes! Pistachios help you sleep better. However, you should be careful not to misunderstand them as sleeping pills. In the following, you will read about why pistachios are so great for your health, and also you can know about different foods that contain pistachios, such as the pistachio salad.

Health benefits of pistachios

The benefits pistachios bring to your health are many. Here are a few health benefits of pistachios:

-Pistachios strengthen your immune system and help you fight diseases better. 

-Believe it or not, they can help you lose weight and become skinnier. (Read “Do pistachios make you fat?” for more information). 

-Pistachios help in strengthening your hair and improving your skin. 

-Pistachios improve your sexual performance and men can benefit from pistachios in improving the health of their sperm.

-Pistachios can treat and help people with high blood pressure and fatty livers.

-Pistachios contain compounds that help in managing type 2 diabetes. 

-Pistachios have compounds like polyphenols, lutein, lunasin, zeaxanthin, and the Bowman-Birk inhibitor, which aid anti-inflammatory functions and improve the overall health of the body.

But except for all these super-beneficial traits of pistachios, there is one more trick that pistachios have up in their shells. And that is “Pistachios help you sleep better!”. You may be wondering how can this little snack have so many benefits? Well, let’s find out in the following!

Do pistachios make you tired

Well, not exactly! Pistachios do not make you tired or make you lose energy in any form. Pistachios aren’t poisonous, and except for people with pistachio allergies, everyone can eat them. However, pistachios contain a secret ingredient that can help you sleep fast, well, and more! Okay, it is not a secret, everyone knows that pistachios have melatonin in them!

Do pistachios have melatonin?

Yes, and you’ll be surprised how much! Pistachios are Great sources of melatonin in comparison to other seeds, fruits, legumes, and vegetables. But what is melatonin and why does it matter? Melatonin is a sleep-inducing hormone that is produced in the pineal gland of the brain. Melatonin is responsible for the body’s internal biological clock. Therefore, it is because of melatonin that your body can stick to a sleep schedule. Melatonin can regulate your irregular sleep patterns and manage your daily sleep cycle.

Now that you know how much melatonin is crucial for your sleep, you should also know that each gram of pistachio has about 650 nanograms of melatonin in it. Imagine eating a handful of pistachios (which is the recommended amount) early in the night, and it would naturally put your body to bed! 

Of course, pistachios should not be misunderstood with sleeping pills, and you shouldn’t expect them to work wonders. Yet, studies show that eating pistachios helps people with insomnia or irregular sleep patterns. 

In a nutshell

Pistachios are super-healthy and beneficial for your body. Your diet can include a handful of pistachios in it to take advantage of all the health benefits of pistachios. Pistachios also help you sleep better and more. The effects of pistachios on the sleep pattern are due to the melatonin levels in the pistachios.

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