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Amazing benefits of walnuts for hair


Walnuts are super-healthy!

The numerous benefits of walnuts have made this tasty nut to be considered as “The healthiest nut in the world”! This title is enough to tell you how nutritious walnuts are. They are amazingly packed with omega-3 fatty acids, and many more nutrients and minerals. In the following, this article talk about how beneficial walnuts are for the body and three interesting ways you can use walnuts just to improve your hair’s health and growth. 

Walnut benefits for other parts of the body

Before we talk about the ways in which you can use walnuts for hair growth, let’s have a look at all the other benefits walnuts have for the body. The benefits of walnuts for health are too many to be mentioned here, but here are a few of the most important and interesting ones you can look forward to:

  • Walnuts contain B vitamins and vitamin E, which reduce stress and help in maintaining young skin. 
  • The omega-3 acids and vitamin E in walnuts help the brain to function better.
  • Walnuts increase body metabolism which leads to weight and body fat loss. 
  • The arginine in walnuts removes toxins in the liver and prevents liver diseases.
  • The high fiber content in walnuts reduces constipation and regulates bowel movements. 
  • Your heart will thank you for the omega-3 in walnuts, as they maintain the health of heart arteries and improve blood circulation. 
  • Pregnant women should definitely eat walnuts for the health of their fetus, as walnuts are rich in protein, phosphorus, potassium, and manganese. 
  • And many more…!

3 interesting ways to use walnuts for hair

Do walnuts help hair grow? The health of your hair is dependent on many factors, yet walnuts can almost help in all aspects.  One of the issues you experience with your hair is dandruff. Due to its natural moisturizing properties, walnut kernels and oils can hydrate the scalp and cure dandruff. If you have dandruff and care about the health of your skin, you can use the benefits of walnuts to treat dandruff. However, this is only one of the benefits walnuts bring to your hair. In the following, You can read more about the different ways you can use walnut for hair growth, conditioning, and darkening. 

Eating walnuts for hair growth

The easiest way to take advantage of the hair growth benefits of walnuts is to eat them. Walnuts can help your hair grow faster and better for they are packed with vitamins B and E, magnesium, and potassium, all of which are critical for strengthening the cuticles of your hair and nourishing your scalp. Eating walnuts reduces hair fall and repairs hair damage, in addition to all the other health benefits mentioned earlier. 

When to eat walnuts for hair growth? 

The best time to eat walnuts for maximum benefit is in the morning. Soak some walnuts from the night before, and try to eat the soaked walnuts early in the morning. 

How many walnuts to eat for hair growth?

The recommended amount of walnuts is a handful, which is enough for benefiting from the nutrients in walnuts, but not too much to suffer from the overload of calories. 

Applying walnut oil for hair strengthening and conditioning

Walnut oil is fairly high in potassium, which helps in the regeneration of cells. This results in accelerating hair growth. Also, you can use walnut oil to condition your hair and style it. Walnut oil is also anti-fungal and fights dandruff in your hair.

Darkening the hair with walnut paste

One of the most amazing ways you can take advantage of walnuts is to use them for darkening your hair. Actually, the melanin in walnuts gives color to hair and helps in increasing the thickness and shining of the hair. Also, you can make a hair-dying paste by boiling all the parts of walnuts, including the shells, skins, and chopped walnuts until you get a black paste. You can then apply the paste to your hair. After a while of doing so, you can see the effects it has on darkening your hair.

In a nutshell

Walnuts are the superstars among nuts and you should try to include as much of them as you can in your daily diet. But, be careful to not go nuts on walnuts! Try eating walnuts, applying the oil, and using the walnut paste to take advantage of the amazing benefits of walnuts for your hair. 

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